Connected Enterprise Applications, a true story about success during a Pandemic

connected enterprise applications webinar

Organizations in every industry have different strategies to attain their growth plans. However, the common trend we have observed is true digital transformation and increasing data-driven initiatives, especially in the post COVID-19, new normal world.

Join Artha and Clark Construction to hear about the successes of their data-driven digital transformation. By integrating high-quality data across critical enterprise applications, Clark now enjoys the efficiencies of making data-driven decisions that both contribute to business growth and keeping their employees safe.

Attend this webinar to hear about key lessons learned from Clark Construction’s Director of Business Applications, Hari Kalahasti. Learn how they succeeded in their data-driven journey with a modern integration and architecture, despite dealing with the overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic. With this new architecture, Clark is able to drive business functions to more effectively and efficiently support customer service, effective integration of data among sales, human capital management, vendor operations, field operations, customers enablement, and continued growth for the business.

Key topics of presentation:

  • 1.
    Learn how data integration and orchestration among critical enterprise business applications such as SAP HANA, Workday, JDE, Salesforce, Coupa, and several unstructured field level data feeds coming in Excel and Google Sheets helped to reduce the impact.
  • 2.
    See how faster and cleaner data integration along with a governance process helped the organization to collaborate among internal and external stakeholders, vendors, and suppliers to deliver their services.
  • 3.
    Hear how quality data helped the organization to make better business decisions.
  • 4.
    See how employees, contract staff, and employee well-being is measured and tracked to ensure smooth business operations.
  • 5.
    Witness the organization transforming to better serve their business with new and innovative ways to execute business operations in the future with confidence and trust

Our webinar panel will consist of experts from Talend, Artha Solutions, and a member of Clark Construction’s leadership team to share the experiences from this unique digital transformation. This solution will help any business understand how to plan and adopt streamlined, data-driven initiatives for business growth and customer enlightenment.

Date: Mar 25, 2021
Time: 10.00 AM CST