Discover the Importance of Data Governance Implementation

Data governance defines how data is organized within a broader data management strategy.

The application of policies, people, processes, and technology is used to create a consistent record of an organization’s data summaries data governance. Data governance is an important component in any data management strategy, but it cannot work in isolation without data management not knowing how data is collected and where it is stored.

In a world of compliance regulations like GDPR, CCPA as well as data scandals leaks, data governance has become a top priority for business leaders. It is just not enough to manage and process data efficiently, it is critically important for a business to have the necessary privacy and information security controls when moving or giving access to data.

Data Governance Services

We help enterprises achieve their data goals by defining an appropriate strategic approach

Workflow Management

Automate repetitive business rules reducing errors and increasing efficiency

We help enterprises to achieve their data goals by defining a proper strategical and implementation approach

Enterprise level integration of Metadata stores enabling business users to search and understand information on key attributes

To successfully manage data in an organization, it is important to implement a data governance solution that emphasizes improving data quality

Controls and techniques to protect data against unauthorized use

What is Delivered as Part of Your Data Governance Journey?

Enterprises have struggled with varying regulations depending on their sector and or geographical locations and their severe penalties. With our data governance services and solutions we help enterprises overcome these challenges and implement sustainable data governance solutions. Now enterprises realize data as an asset that can provide long term value with data governance services.

Data - Driven Culture

A true Data-Driven organization will benefit from laying the foundation of Data Governance Office by partnering with business and IT leaders to create a data-driven culture.

Trust in Data

Quality and availability determine the trust quotient of the data source. The percentage of data that is useful to you determines the efficacy of the business

Single Version of the Truth

With growing disparate systems and siloed operations within organizations, multiple versions of the same information are created and exhaust the facts of origination.

Artha’s Accelerator for Data Governance - Data Insights Platform

Artha, in collaboration with Amruta’s Data Insights Platform, makes data governance easier than ever.

We partner with Amurta Data Insights Platform, a leading data governance platform. Using the Data Insights Platform, we accelerate implementing your data governance journey to provide better-trusted data for data-driven insights and overcome the challenges to comply with regulatory mandates.

Key Features of the Data Insights Platform

  • Real-time collaboration between users
  • Orchestrate all of your data governance functions using pre-built accelerators
  • Unify structured and unstructured Data
  • Gain a single source of truth for compliance, security, and metrics reporting
  • Automate governance monitoring and remediation
  • Benefit from an integrated quality, identity and integrity engines that support data investigation, audit and corrections

Amurta's Data Insights Platform Can Deliver a Data Governance Project in 100 Days

To tackle the variety of data related challenges with issues such as data quality and accessibility, a constantly growing array of data security challenges, and innovative technology, Amurta offers a data governance solution that can be implemented in just 100 days. Amurta’s Data Insights Platform (DIP) can help refine data governance strategies for key data management projects, provide guidance in building an enterprise-level framework that includes establishing policies, assigning responsibilities, and enforcing communication to effectively manage data governance.



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