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Artha Solutions is proud to be a Qlik Elite Channel Partner.  As a Qlik partner, we are committed to empowering our clients with the expertise needed to unleash the full potential of their enterprise data. We help our customers leverage the power of Qlik’s data integration and analytics platform to turn their data into a strategic asset.

Qlik Data Integration

Seize the Power of Unified Data – Connect, Integrate, and Transform

Qlik Data Integration – Experience the transformative capabilities of Qlik Data Integration (QDI) as it delivers real-time, analytics-ready, and actionable data to your preferred analytics environment. Qlik seamlessly connects to platforms like Tableau, Power BI, and more.

QLIK Data Integration Products

  • Real-time data ingestion and update
  • Model-driven Data Warehouse
  • Trusted, enterprise-ready data
Qlik Data Integration Services

Accelerate Your Data Driven Culture

Qlik Enterprise Manager

An integrated platform offering centralized monitoring and management for your Qlik environments. It delivers comprehensive insights into your infrastructure and its performance

Qlik Compose

Leverage our model-driven approach to seamlessly design, build, and manage use-case-oriented data warehouses, whether on-premises or in the cloud, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Qlik Replicate

An advanced real-time data replication solution that guarantees data availability and integrity through efficient and secure capture, transformation, and delivery. Qlik Replicate utilizes Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to ensure real-time, secure, and minimally disruptive data movement.

Qlik Catalog

A cutting-edge enterprise data management solution that streamlines and expedites data cataloging, preparation, and delivery processes. Empowering your business users with trustworthy, actionable data seamlessly across enterprise.

Qlik Data Analytics

Augmented Analytics to Drive Deeper Insights

Qlik Sense - Data Analytics

Leverage the Qlik Data Analytics Platform to create powerful visualizations and dashboards to unlock insights and patterns in your data. Qlik Data Analytics empowers your enterprise to make data-driven decisions.

Qlik Sense

Unique associative analytics engine, delivering unmatched power to delve into your data like never before, It provides capabilities to explore and visualize your data asset.

Qlik NPrinting

Automate the generation and distribution of personalized, professional reports effortlessly. Craft visually rich reports in diverse formats, catering to your organization's requirements efficiently.

Qlik Alerting

A real-time data monitoring tool that proactively alerts you to significant changes and critical events. It empowers you to take swift and informed action ensuring timely response and enables you to take definite actions.

Qlik Application Automation

Enables the creation of tailored and automated applications to meet your organization's unique requirements. Seamlessly design workflows and automated business processes, integrating data helps reduce manual efforts.

Whether you need to modernize your data warehouse, optimize your data lake, or streamline your data operations, Artha can help you get the most out of Qlik’s solutions. Artha has the experience, expertise, and passion to make your data work for you.

We help our customers across industries, to achieve their business goals and enhance their customer experience.

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