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Artha’s Data Insights Platform (DIP)*, a powerful AI-driven solution that simplifies and accelerates data governance processes to deliver data-driven insights. DIP provides a set of processes to manage company data as a strategic asset, ensuring that data is used, accessed transparently and consistently for business activities. DIP improves data management governance procedures and fosters an environment that encourages optimum performance through communication across the organization. DIP also helps define regulatory requirements and governance roles, such as data owner, steward, and user, as well as assigning duties and access to each position. By monitoring all data governance processes using pre-built accelerators, DIP allows enterprises to achieve regulatory compliance and better serve customers.

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities

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Data Onboarding

DIP’s built-in dynamic ingestion framework helps handle high volume, complex data structures to onboard data and drive the data discovery process.
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Business Glossary

Define complex technical terms, rules, and regulations critical to your business processes to ensure everyone in your organization operates from a shared language.
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Reference / Master Data

Drive the standardization and optimization of data with Reference Data Management (RDM) and create a single-view-of-the-customer using the Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities.
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Policy Engine & Automation

Easily automate governance and compliance tasks by adopting international privacy standards with our easy to define, user-friendly UI.
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Governance Stewardship

Review, curate, control the data, and engage with data owners to operationalize the governance process.
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Data Quality & Trust

Enables automation, validation, workflow, data reconciliations and controls where appropriate in the curation process.
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Orchestration Engine

Enables automation, validation, workflow, data reconciliations and controls where appropriate in the curation process.
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Operational Metrics

Data quality, governance, and operational metrics are provided to review the overall data governance process in one place.
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Data Assets

Define the processes and controls to manage all aspects of data in a single pane view.

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*Data Insights Platform is a subscription-based software product of Amurta Inc. – Artha Solutions group company

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