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Make big data a valuable asset for your organization by providing data-driven insights and analytics

In today’s environment, the proliferation of data has revealed the vulnerabilities of old data management systems. Their inability to efficiently obtain and analyze vast amounts of data while keeping costs affordable is a huge concern. Hadoop, Spark, massively parallel processing data engines, No-SQL, and innovative cloud and SaaS solutions have ushered in a new era. As data consumers and decision-makers’ need for and hunger for cognitive analytics grows, effective handling of large data is critical.

Artha’s knowledge of multiple ecosystems such as Hadoop, Spark, and cloud services enables us to execute your big data correctly the first time. We provide big data advice and assistance to create cognitive analytics that match your data requirements, using Artha’s pre-built accelerators such as our Data Ingestion Framework and other proven methods and approaches.


With significant growth in mobile, IoT, and social media use, the means through which today’s clients connect with their service providers are expanding at an exponential rate. This data is huge in aggregate, but with improved big data management systems, we can expand the capabilities of gathering and analyzing this real-time unstructured data to build a 360-degree customer perspective. Furthermore, we can assist with omnichannel marketing decisions by providing more tailored recommendations, resulting in a more comprehensive consumer portfolio.

Many companies have acclimated to the use of big data technology, but many are still grappling with the full value of the data. Begin your trip with us for an in-depth look into cognitive big data analytics, which is essential for today’s companies focused on speed, competition, and, most crucially, agile decision making. Learn more about our data analytics services and solutions.

Our Value

Our Big Data strategists and developers have enormous potential to add value
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Develop new products and services
  • Minimize overhead
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Forecast future trends
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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Our solutions enable a customer-focused scenario where enterprises can transform their data into insights to plan better business process and product improvements

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