Big Data

Transform big data into a valuable asset for your enterprise and provide data-driven insights and analytics

The explosion of data in today’s world has exposed the vulnerability of legacy data management systems. Their inability to retrieve and process large volumes of data efficiently while keeping costs manageable is a massive challenge. Technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, massively parallel processing data engines, No-SQL, along with revolutionary cloud and SasS solutions, has open a new paradigm. Effective handling of big data in order to perform cognitive analytics is essential as the demand and appetite continue to grow with data consumers and decision-makers.

Artha’s expertise in various ecosystems such as Hadoop, Spark, and cloud services empowers us to implement your big data right the first time. With support from Artha’s pre-build accelerators, such as our Data Ingestion Framework and other proven strategies and methodologies, we provide big data consulting and support to drive cognitive analytics that meet your data requirements.


With major increases in mobile, IoT, and social media adoptions, the methods through which today’s customers interact with their service providers are growing exponentially. Cumulatively, this data is vast, but with better big data management solutions, we can further the capabilities of capturing and processing this real-time unstructured data to create a 360 degree customer view. Additionally, we can help with omnichannel marketing decisions by enabling more personalized recommendations, thereby creating a comprehensive customer portfolio.

Many organizations have adapted to the use of big data technologies, but are struggling to appreciate the full value of the data. Get started on your journey with us for a deep dive into cognitive big data analytics, which is a must for today’s organizations focused on speed, competition, and most importantly agile decision making. Explore our data analytics services and solutions.

Our Value

Our Big Data strategists and developers have a huge potential to create value
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Develop new products and services
  • Minimize overhead
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Predict future trends and elevate customer satisfaction

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Big Data Management and Analytics Solutions

Our solutions enable a customer-focused scenario where enterprises can transform their data into insights to plan better business process and product improvements

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