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REDLIST Platform

combine maintenance and safety operations into a single unified solution

Redlist offers specialized software tailored for companies operating with industrial machinery and field personnel. A prevalent challenge faced by Maintenance and Reliability teams across various industries is managing intricate workflows that often lead to errors and critical data gaps. These data gaps can significantly undermine production efficiency, the lifespan of assets, and employee performance. Redlist, however, bridges these gaps through advanced technology that filters through the noise and automates essential activities. As a result, the Redlist solution directly translates into tangible enhancements for both top and bottom-line revenues, positioning your organization at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 era.

Enterprise Asset Management Software

Transform the management of your assets and the critical resources needed to prevent costly downtime and improve overall equipment efficiency, all within a flexible solution made for high-performance maintenance teams.

Gain Control Of Your Asset Management

Artha will help you in every step of your enterprise assessment management using the REDLIST platform

Asset Management

Enable maintenance team members to securely access valuable asset data, encompassing documents, historical records, and component information.

Save Valuable Time

Minimize time wastage associated with paper forms, searching for parts, redundant data entry, and the continual back-and-forth of phone communication.

Increase Accountability

Assign specific people to maintenance tasks and get the reassurance that your assets perform as expected.

Parts Inventory

Assess the efficiency of your maintenance program and pinpoint areas where cost-saving opportunities exist.

Business Analytics

Gain real-time visibility into your business and save time for double data entry. With robust reporting, you can act upon trends faster and accelerate the growth of your business

CMMS Software

Transform the management of your assets and the critical resources needed to prevent costly downtime and improve overall equipment efficiency, all within a flexible solution made for high-performance maintenance teams.

Organize Your Maintenance & Reduce Downtime

Built for maintenance professionals, Using REDLIST platform Artha will help you to create one central platform for maintenance.

ioT & Sensors

Connect ioT sensors and leverage condition monitoring to trigger automated alerts and tasks to be completed.

Work Order Management

Quickly prioritize work orders and assign them to qualified maintenance team members to keep work consistent and reduce downtime.

Asset Management

Provide maintenance team members secure access to valuable asset information including documents, history and parts.

Parts Inventory

Automate inventory tracking with threshold alerts, purchase orders and real-time inventory stock updates as tasks are completed.

Reporting & Analytics

Accelerate compliance with fast trend analysis through robust reporting.

Lubrication Management Software

Within a matter of weeks, establish a meticulously mapped and well-structured system, featuring photographs, documents, operational directives, oil and grease product details, as well as estimated task durations for every lubrication point within your facility, all conveniently accessible on the mobile device that you already carry in your pocket.

Achieve Equipment Reliability Through REDLIST.

Artha will help you in every step of your enterprise assessment management using the REDLIST platform

Expert Lubrication Program Strategy

Eliminate uncertainty from the reliability equation by entrusting our certified lubrication team to conduct an on-site assessment of your facility and establish a comprehensive program in just a matter of weeks.

Lubrication Route Management

Simplify Lubrication Route Management with Mobile Apps and efficiently manage your lubrication routes with a single platform and direct your entire lubrication maintenance team.

Manage & Monitor Lubricant Inventory

Enhance inventory precision by receiving real-time mobile updates on inventory levels as reliability team members complete their preventive maintenance tasks

Parts Inventory

Attain transparency into the overall health of your lubrication program, execute A/B testing, and make rapid adjustments to preventive maintenance templates with just a few clicks to drive ongoing enhancements.

Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable analytics, improve overall reliability and accelerate compliance with fast trend analysis through robust reporting.

Health Safety & Environmental Software

Scrap the paper, toss the spreadsheets and gain insights into your safety program and empower your team to play their role in your safety culture.

All-in-one Safety Management that Empowers Everyone

Get set to embrace a world where every decision is data-driven, and every insight is up-to-the-minute.

Smart Data Capture

Paperless Future! Streamline your operations, reduce human error, and increase productivity all while saving trees!

Safety & Compliance Metrics

Monitor Key Safety & Compliance Metrics with automated accurate visual reports for leadership. Realtime reports are generated as field team collect data with business intelligence to embrace the data-driven culture.

Powered-Up Productivity

Save time with creating & Distributing easy-to-use digital forms that can notify you of safety hazards and more. Also, automatically fill out those time-consuming regulatory forms from responses.

Business Analytics for Safety

Save time by quickly identifying safety weaknesses and better predict future incidents with automated reports made specifically for Safety KPI’s.

Field Service Management Software

In today’s competitive business landscape, efficiency is key to success, and that’s where our comprehensive field service management solution comes into play. Imagine seamlessly consolidating client management, job tracking, and timekeeping all under one robust platform. This consolidation not only simplifies your daily operations but also empowers your business to thrive and grow at an accelerated pace.

Efficiently Organize, Supervise, and Monitor Mobile Work from a Single Platform

Artha will help you in every step of your Field Service Management using the REDLIST platform

Job Management

Build out and monitor your quotes progress from initial estimate to confirmation and signed agreement. While enriching your client relationships with online job requests and a simple digital process.

Dispatch & Scheduling

Accurately manage asset availability and immediately schedule jobs using a time-saving visual calendar. Then, when you are ready, notify everyone of the schedule with a few clicks.

360° View of Jobs

Speed up payment processing by giving your office staff tools too quickly approve each service ticket line item.

Digital Invoices

Utilize powerful work order tools to create a framework for your unique process and Accurately bill for jobs faster then ever with digital approvals

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