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Cloud is an opportunity to re-imagine everything.  

Cloud computing is the most flexible, scalable solution to the legacy architecture due to the exponential growth of devices, applications, and data. 

With the vast number of cloud services and providers in the market, it can be burdensome to weigh the pros and cons of existing services to cater to business needs. We at Artha has experts in predicting business dynamics proactively and providing a wide variety of cloud-based solutions, infrastructure services, and different cloud service models, like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Our Cloud Enablement Team ensures that your cloud is appropriately sized, cost optimized, secure, agile, and the best fit. Artha is involved in partner programs with AWS, AZURE, and GCP to streamline cloud implementation with our customers. 


Our cloud experts engage in a strategic service to provide answers to perplexities like “You want to move to cloud, but do not know what and how to migrate?” or “Want to understand your cloud options, costs associated, and mitigate risk?” All these questions can be answered by creating a roadmap for cloud transformation. 



Cloud is easy to access and start things off with, but it can become chaotic along the way with traditional systems without proper cloud enablement strategy. Our holistic approach to cloud enablement ensures everything is covered. 


Migration to cloud is complex than what we think. With Artha cloud migration is always done right with proper approaches designed by our team of experts whether it is a straightforward lift and shift or a next generation platform involving sophisticated modernization.



Getting to cloud involves a major milestone, a need to maintain and manage your cloud environment to make sure it is safe, secure, compliant, and cost-effective. Cloud environments are always evolving and so the need to evaluate security and regulatory requirements. Artha focuses on securing your cloud perimeter so you can focus on your business. 

Our Expertise

We help enterprises in their digital transformation journey by providing all managed cloud services across the various domains.

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Why Choose Us

Artha`s Cloud Enablement Strategy Services provide our customers the required visibility into their IT service delivery capabilities and mission-critical applications to make informed decisions on the most efficient and appropriate platforms to run their business.


 The services provide our clients with an infrastructure strategy that meets the requirements of the business, end users, and applications.

 Years of industry experience with a proven track record of implementing data management, business intelligence and analytics projects for various industrial customers, especially on AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms.

 We provide services such as Cloud Infrastructure Services, Cloud Strategy and Consulting Support Services, Management Services and Integration Services.


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