Organizations use data to make informed decisions quickly. The right tools for data preparation, analytics, and data science are tough to obtain for many businesses, and they are also difficult for businesspeople to operate. This result in delays in making decisions that will have an impact on the business.

Empowering your Analytical Strength

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform

What’s next in analytics - Decision Intelligence

The industry technologies that are now in use separate business intelligence from decision intelligence. The industry needs controlled self-service, artificial intelligence (AI), and a platform that integrates data preparation, business analytics, and data science.

Pyramid analytics is a platform that combines controlled self-service, and AI power, and is the biggest analytics innovation to date. AI infuses decision intelligence with intelligence on this platform. It is relatively simple to use and empowers the C-suite to take swift, informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Pyramid Analytics’ forethought is to automate the decision-making process and empowering enterprises. The platform with minimal efforts, enable anyone to make faster, more intelligent decisions with any data, for any person and any analytics need. Decision Intelligence is what’s next in analytics.

Why Pyramid Analytics Platform

Faster Insights

Using multi-source direct data access and a lightning-fast direct query engine, provide quick access to any data at any scale in a single view.

Adoption at Any Scale

To eliminate the backlog of one-off report requests, provide AI-driven, governed self-service experiences for every businessperson and incorporate insights into everyday work.

Simplify Analytics

Simplified and sophisticated analytics with frictionless integration and sematic layer for futureproof analytics assets.

Why to choose Artha

We help clients adopt and adapt to current industry trends, to stay competitive with the use of cutting-edge technology.

  • We deliver advanced solutions and services, guiding customers through business and digital transformations
  • We will implement Pyramid’s decision intelligence platform help organizations leverage the full value of data by providing AI-powered analytics to all decisions-makers
  • Our expert team of Pyramid Analytics platform will help customers in various industry verticals
  • Our end to end business intelligence solutions include analysis, design, development, test and deployment of data warehouse, data integration, business intelligence and analytics using Pyramid Analytics platform helped many customers to accelerate their data intelligence journey

Delivering Results:

Quick deployed platform

50% efficient cost savings

20–40% faster time to market

Increase ROI in a short period

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