Amazon Web Services Consulting

Artha facilitates organizations looking to move to the AWS Cloud services or those who want to take advantage of the elastic capability of hardware to meet their ever changing technology, software and growing data needs.

Artha’s expertise ranges from through a variety of AWS services with everything from deploying an application to running big data analytics.

Artha Expertise span for AWS services

Implementation Services

Migration to Cloud

Support Services

Implementation Services:

  • EC2 - Install a of variety of applications on AWS services EC2 platform.

  • RDS - Design and deploy solutions using a variety of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

  • DataPipeline - Store data into the standard database from multiple sources such as Files, Database/DW, NoSQL etc.

  • RedShift - Deploy Data warehouses into the cloud for both internal and external users.

  • S3 - Backup data and staging databases into the S3.

  • Glacier - Previous backup data automatically pushed into the glacier as archival data.

  • VPC - Communicate faster with deployed applications in the EC2 using VPC.

  • EMR - Deploy Hadoop clusters based on customer requirements.

  • IAM - Use access management with respect to users with different roles.

AWS Cloud Migration:

  • Migrate your current applications to the AWS Cloud

Support Services:

  • Post Implementation - Post implementation support provided on all implementation engagements.
  • Keeps the lights on - Cost effective ongoing support and maintenance to support various AWS applications administered.

Below are the AWS cloud services that we provide:

  • PAAS (Platform As A Service)
  • IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service)
  • SAAS (Software As A Service)