ETL Tool Migration Services

Artha’s data ingestion tool migrator accelerator converts data pipelines built-in legacy / existing technology into a modern data ingestion tool such as Talend. Use our accelerator to automatically migrate jobs into Talend, thus helping organizations save time and avoid rebuilding from scratch.

Advantages of using our tool migrator accelerator

  • Automatically convert data pipelines along with source target mappings
  • Automatically transport transformation logic from legacy tools into the Talend data pipelines
  • Create the data pipelines as per Talend tool standards and best practices to improve overall ingestion performance
  • Inherit project settings from legacy tool to Talend, for reducing the time required for project deployment
  • Significantly reduce testing time by development as well as efforts required by client subject matter experts to validate data

Accelerate your integration pipelines migration from legacy tools to Talend by with overall productivity gains up to 70% of efforts


Seamless Data Migration Services

Our ETL migration experts help enterprises successfully migrate their data accurately and as required for data modernization.

Our unique, comprehensive, and proven ETL migration services and solutions will help your data modernization or ETL platform migration initiatives. Our in-house experts, with a proven track record for delivering multiple industries, will enable your enterprise to effectively manage and simplify the complex data migration processes.

How Artha Enables You

Many organizations have accumulated more data and invested more money in developing ETL code in order to manage the data. Over time it may become necessary to modernize according to current and future needs. Our ETL migration services and accelerator reduce time and cost while increasing data quality and effectiveness. Artha Solutions is a leading Enterprise Data Management services provider with deep expertise in ETL migration services to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives on-premises or cloud.

Our ETL migration services reduce time and cost for your organization’s current and future needs, we help enterprises with the following services:

  • Change of ETL Technologies
  • Move from Scripting to ETL
  • Move from SQL to ETL
  • Move from ELT to ETL
ETL migration process

Why Artha?

ETL migration
  • Rapid ETL migration project strategy, delivery, and solutions
  • Proven track record of successful ETL migration services for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises
  • Large scale data migration expertise and experience projects in multiple industries
  • Robust, cost-effective project delivery with proven methodology
  • Collaborative, communicative, and transparent client-focused approach

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