How can we solve your business problem with data science?

We are an information science and analytics firm that provides machine learning and AI-powered tools and technical solutions to businesses who want to use data and machine learning algorithms to generate commercial value. We assist organizations in using artificial intelligence to innovate, improve consumer insights, automate operations, and become more cost-effective.

Our design enables you to do superior analytical jobs on large amounts of data, whether in relational databases or big data settings, and we don’t put barriers on you; instead, we operate with whatever programming language you’re using. Whether a company is unclear exactly how to use information and maximize the ROI of being an information-driven company, Artha has the capabilities to guide a client from venture inception through integration and implementation.

This is accomplished via the use of proprietary technology, exceptional customer service, investment in personnel development, and our own R&D emphasis.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

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Machine learning

ML is concerned with the advancement of computer programs and computations, which allows computers to learn and find hidden pieces of information without being explicitly modified. Artha sees how to effectively apply ML methods to address business challenges. Underneath everything, it also makes use of the most modern Big Data advances.
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Deep learning

Deep learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that mimics the learning process that humans use to improve certain types of knowledge. With the advent of Big Data improvements and Cloud forces, the forces of deep learning are now within the reach of every endeavor.
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Artificial Intelligence

The AI Revolution is sweeping the globe. Man-made intelligence is transforming every valuable field. Simulated intelligence is boosting dynamic exactness by creating efficiencies, saving money, and delivering innovative answers to fundamental challenges.

Why Artha?

We are a group of highly trained data scientists and researchers (leadership team) with a track record of generating ROI for our customers. As a full-service and specialized consulting business, we use an innovative work approach to get the best possible outcome for each issue and to carry out the vision at the highest level. We examine every source of information and devise methods to determine whether something significant, automated, or predictive may be created.

Delivering Results:

Quick deployed platform

60% efficient cost savings

20–50% faster time to market

Increase ROI in a short period

2x faster penetration

Artha's Technology Expertise

Get data-driven insights and cognitive analytics to help you make smarter decisions


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Client behavior and performance through data science, machine learning, and AI
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Improving recommending system on R for better customer engagement
Case Study
Predicting patient visits for accurate inventory planning