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What is Data Strategy?

An effective data strategy requires extensive vision and planning specifically designed for organizations potential to harness data assets capabilities. Data strategy covers the core areas of data life cycle from data creation to retirement and its alignment with people, processes, and technologies.

A well-defined strategy covers a wide range of data centric areas such as Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Architecture, Master Data & Metadata Management, Data Analytics, Data Privacy, Security. This should help organizations, to conduct of day to day data undertakings by accommodating futuristic data needs with various application integrations and handle organizational evolutions

Artha’s approach to Data Strategy is by using our expertise and experience of analyzing current and desired state to perform gap assessment which helps to build Vision & Strategy and road map by keeping the desired business goals into consideration.

Artha’s Data Strategy involves a unique matrix framework which address all the related areas. Data Strategy Matrix includes People & Organization, Metrics, Processes, Training plan, Workflows and Technology to lay a roadmap and transition steps to reach the target state.

Data Strategy is a critical aspect of defining the typically a data life cycle from the Data Creation to Data Retirement stage, which involves various people, processes, and technology used to get the data successfully through its lifecycle.

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Here at Artha, we carefully investigate your organization’s existing data ecosystem before designing your roadmap. Keeping in mind existing and future business needs that enable your organization to extract actionable insights from your data.

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Effective enterprise data management is no easy feat and can only be accomplished by fully understanding your data and implementing an intelligent data management strategy

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Artha brings the expertise with modern data architectures combined with cloud, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence expertise to provide cognitive data insights.

MDM is a comprised of a system of business processes and technology components approach to create, manage, and share master data across the enterprise and to external entities by applying relevant business policies.

With data growing exponentially across various systems within an organization, effective data integration solutions should be able to integrate and turn data into a valuable asset.

Artha’s expertise in application integration helps the business reduce unwanted expenditure, enable greater information exchange, and design and implement seamless application integration strategy.

Data governance is an important component in any data management strategy. It is an application of people, policies, processes, and technology working together to create a consistent record of an organization’s data.

Unfiltered, unstructured, and poor data quality obstructs seamless operation as well as effective decision making and planning.


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Together, we can create stronger data processes by leveraging Artha's expertise and methodologies.

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We love helping our customers overcome data management strategy and roadmap challenges. Contact us to discuss your needs and our enterprise data management strategy experts will work with you to create the best strategy and solution for your enterprise.