Data is ever growing in every enterprise; it has become imperative to use the data insights for managing the current business and plan. Organizations competing to increase the market share in the existing business and are continuously innovating new avenues to create new business areas and opportunities for themselves by creating experiences for the consumers. To be able to meet this goal, almost all the industry sectors are focusing on Customer 360 initiatives which will drive several business transformation initiatives.


The process looks simple; however, you may need additional expertise to reach this goal. Several things may become obstacles for this goal could be data quality, having mastered data, security, and compliance. Artha’s approach to the Customer 360 includes its use of the crystal ball strategy by combining the past view of business, transactions, along with current interactions to be able to predict the future, thus creating a crystal ball. Artha with its combined expertise team, industry experience, and implementation of such projects can help you.

What is different with a customer earlier and what is it now?

The way companies and customers used to interact was limited hence the data management requirements were simpler. Core customer data elements were enough to adequately perform business functions. However, technology innovations have led to different ways in which companies do business with customers today. Multiple channels have emerged through which customers interact. Various types of data such as reference data, behavioral data, interaction data, and demographic data are now needed to get a much deeper perspective of the customer.

Customer 360 Data Services

Why do we need Customer 360?

Modern organizations need not only aggregated data but also need accurate, reliable and complete customer data. Data is the new asset of any modern company. However, customer data alone will not be sufficient, relationships between people, products, organizations, and demographics needs to be discovered to have a complete all-round profile of a customer. The benefit of having all this information is to get proper customer hierarchies, product preferences, new markets, industry influencers, and new business process. Creating a unique experience for the customer along with various life stages is the most important aspect which will promote customer longevity, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities. Customer’s understanding customer is also crucial to grow market and this is possible if data of different kinds is gathered and analyzed. This helps in building analytics and along with master data management, deliver better data quality and enable actionable recommendations.

We can help you in Empowering your enterprise data with Customer 360

We can help you in unifying the data from different sources to create a single view of your customer data and improve customer segmentation, relevance, analytics and targeting.

Our Customer 360 framework


How we can help in building the 3600 view of a customer

  • Prioritize & sequence: objectives, requirements, and user stories
  • Uses a workshop methodology to refine and finalize the business priorities
  • Performs an assessment of what needs to be in place to meet objectives
  • Develops a roadmap of small to large initiatives
  • Implements these initiatives to give maximum value to business in short time along with customer 360
  • Delivers advanced analytics based on the customer 360


Case Study
Development of a 360-degree view of the customer with Relevant customized marketing campaigns and real-time offers.
Case Study
Implementation of a customer 360-degree profile to better understand their behavior and Implementation of Fraud detection model using big data analytics.
Case Study
Implementation of an MDM - Customer 360 solution with data from multiple data sources to provide clean, consistent, and connected data about customers

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