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The Schaeffler Group is a global automotive and industrial supplier whose enduring success is built upon unsurpassed quality, outstanding technology and a singular innovative ability. Schaeffler’s Industrial division supplies a broad portfolio of products such as rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear motion systems and direct-drive technology – along with a complete array of support services, maintenance products and condition-monitoring solutions through its Industrial Aftermarket unit – to customers in over 60 different industrial sectors

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Condition monitoring (CM) is the practice of continuously observing specific machinery parameters, such as vibration and temperature, to detect any alterations that might signal an impending issue. This essential technique plays a significant role in predictive maintenance by enabling scheduled maintenance and proactive measures to prevent further malfunctions and subsequent unexpected operational interruptions.

We specialize in assisting enterprises and organizations in overseeing the lifespan of their structures to promote safe and efficient operations. Our comprehensive monitoring solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance safety and reliability, reduce inspection and maintenance expenses, and establish continuous monitoring protocols.

Our approach incorporates permanently affixed sensors that gather data enabling the analysis of performance alterations or structural conditions, offering real-time insights into their status. Our technological toolkit encompasses acoustic emission, guided wave, and vibration analysis.

The resulting output is objective and furnishes dependable data illustrating any modifications to the structure or component. This data not only allows for a holistic assessment of its current health but also serves as a valuable tool for safely extending its useful lifespan.”

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