Carhartt Inc., a prominent clothing and sporting goods company, has been into manufacturing and supplying of work wear apparels since 1889. They have been growing over the years and with time have embraced various channels to sell their products. To this end, various underlying IT systems were built catering to each of the sales channels. With this in place, they have an assortment of systems like AS400, SAP & cloud SAS applications like Cloud twist and simple excel files. While the growth and sales from multiple channels did help them diversify their revenue and gain global reach, the company was facing various challenges in terms of operational inefficiency, poor customer support, bloated marketing expenses, minimal analytics, and non-uniform customer experience.

Thus, what was the best way for Carhartt to do so? The best solution was to shift from a multi-channel approach to an Omni channel retail experience. In response to these challenges, Carhartt reached out to Talend to implement a Master Data Management (MDM) to create a rich and satisfying shopping experience across all channels, as well as gain greater control over master data assets. Talend’s implementation partner, Artha Solutions, focused on Carhartt’s data integration and complete data management. It provided Carhartt a 360° view and delivered high data accuracy for operational transactions and analytical reporting. From requirements to implementation, Artha Solutions successfully implemented the complex MDM solution in 4 months flat! This is something that is unheard of in the MDM world. The telling benefit of the complex central rules implemented by Artha was when data of over 4 million customers were brought on to the MDM platform, a total of 50,000 duplicate customers were identified and removed from the system in the first 6 hours itself.