Webinar: Balancing Modernization with Business Risk in the Financial Service Industry

Banking, financial services, and insurance companies are continuously challenged to modernize and keep up with consumer appetites for the latest technologies while keeping business risk under control.  Customers often interact with various enterprise products through digital and customer channels and from their point of view, they are interacting with a single brand. Inside the company, however, all of that data is scattered across business applications, databases, and decentralized repositories making it extremely difficult to create a 360-customer view. The absence of a unified customer view can have a major impact on business processes depending on customer data

This virtual meeting will showcase a trusted customer 360 view of enterprise data. With trusted, actionable customer data, companies know:

  • who their customers are,
  • what products they own,
  • what their preferences are, and
  • what action to take next.

We’ll discuss two specific use cases:

  1. Creating a modern cloud architecture with effective customer 360 that saves time and money and drives an omnichannel experience and customer engagement.
  2. Reduce risk exposure and credit crisis with enhanced techniques of data-driven decision making