Fuelling Business Modernization with Data & Cloud

Today’s digital world, Organizations are continuously looking for modernization to address the Omni channel customer experience and engagement. The success of organizations depends on how effectively they can monetize the data at a rapid speed by adopting new technologies.

Learn how the organizations are adopting the change to use the power of data using cloud technologies.

Attend the webinar to learn about the opportunities that Talend and AWS can offer on cloud to provide trusted data for meaningful data driven insights, while governing the data to address risk and privacy areas.

Specific areas focus are :

  1.  Adopting cloud for a reliable, faster, and easy way for modernization
  2.  Quality data management and data governance to support decision making
  3. Creating a modern cloud architecture with an effective ‘single view of the customer’ and drives an omnichannel experience and customer engagement.

Date: June 10, 2021
Time: 3:00 p.m. IST