Enhance customer experience using AI and ML

Enhancing Customer Experience by implementing Data Warehouse, BI, ML & AI

Enhancing customer experience by implementing a data warehouse, business intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for an urgent care provider operating across five of the United States

Projects Requirements:

    • Extract, transform and load cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) application, on-board finance, admin, and HR data sources for comprehensive view and stories
    • Implement data governance processes and automate them
    • Process data from source to target producing powerful, decision-making insights for management in less than 2 hours

Solution Highlights:

    • Automated forecasting staffing model for service delivery facilities based on historical data to improve the resource utilization efficiency
    • Artha data quality processes revealed and corrected an error in the calculation of payouts to physicians that have gone on for at least two years incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses
    • Resolved data quality and data governance issues

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