Data Management Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Represent Artha Solutions and its partners in showcasing the services and products to potential and existing clientele
  • Provide insights into the data from process and technology point of view
  • Highlight any areas of bottlenecks / improvements for data to flow smooth and get better quality
  • Help in identifying fixes with existing data sources or processes or additional data sources/data gathering that can improve the quality of analytics
  • Align Data Governance with the business goals and priorities
  • Collaborate with leadership across the client’s organization to identify business needs and implement data capabilities and processes
  • Ensure appropriate representation and participation in Data Governance across the client business
  • Ensure effective internal controls by monitoring metrics and driving performance through improvement initiatives
  • Serve as a liaison between Business and Functional areas and technology to ensure that data related business requirements for protecting sensitive data are clearly defined, communicated and well understood and considered as part of operational prioritization and planning
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of data quality standards, data protection standards and adoption requirements across the enterprise
  • Define indicators of performance and quality metrics and ensure compliance with data related policies, standards, roles and responsibilities, and adoption requirements
  • Lead client Senior Management/Steering committee, comprising resources from the Business and Functional areas and IT business and operations functions, to achieve their objectives;


  • Minimum of 10+ years of experience in any specific domain – financial, manufacturing, telecom etc, with large-scale data or project management and oversight experience.
  • Knowledge of industry leading data quality and data protection management practices
  • Knowledge of data governance practices, business and technology issues related to management of enterprise information assets and approaches related to data protection
  • Demonstrated consulting skills, with change management concepts and strategies, including communication, culture change and performance measurement system design
  • Knowledge of risk data architecture and technology solutions

Contact: If interested, please send your resume to

Desired Skills

  • Highest personal and professional integrity and strong work ethics
  • Ability to articulate vision of transformation efforts and a sense of mission

Contact: If interested, please send your resume to