• Connect to structured and unstructured data from any source

    • Gather Data from any data source – Internal Data Sources (ERP, CRM, MDM), External Data Sources, Big, small, Structured and Un-Structured Data
    • Data collection support using variety of file formats such as flat files, batch process, real time
    • Canonical staging design to support data integration agility and scalability
    • Pre-designed Data connectors and metadata maps to expedite the implementation

    Data Sources: SAP, Oracle, Redshift, SQL Server, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Yammer, Zuora, Mongo DB, Hadoop, Sybase, etc.,

    Tools: Talend ETL, CSF, REST SOAP, JMS, JDBC, JSON to Java, XML to Java, etc.,

    data collection
  • Unique Data warehouse Methodology

    • Ability to handle elastic growth to support petabyte-sale of data
    • Secure cloud or on-premise options
    • Advanced data cleansing process to improve the data quality
    • Proven data warehouse techniques combined with new age data handling capabilities
    Organize Data
  • Data Services

    • Normalize data to support different analysis tools
    • Data transformation, aggregation to support performance
    • Adherence to industry specific standards and formats for interoperability and ease of integration
    • Efficient business process management to govern the change processes, handle exceptions
    Analyze Data
  • Deep dive into data

    • Data analysis techniques to support predictive, prescriptive models
    • Industry vertical specific statistical model approaches
    • Solution design to support on-demand user requirements
    Analyze Data
  • Interactive data visualization

    • Flexibility for users to choose data visualization types
    • Completely interactive, drive actions from data visualizations
    • Input controls empower users for better data discovery
    • Embed into web applications and internal portals
    Visualize Data