Turning Raw Information Into Gold With Qlik Data Integration And Talend

Every company today recognizes that their data works for them. From optimizing omnichannel experience to shipping routes, data lays the foundation for any analysis. Leaders from Qlik and Artha Solutions will discuss how to build a robust foundation for data management.

In this webinar, we will share:

  • Data acquisition and the best practices in a world where every tool can be a new data source.
  • Why do some tools still struggle with data integration and replication.
  • Why end-to-end solutions are not for everyone.
  • How simplifying tools used for data, and flattening the learning curve for users, leads to better ROI on business analytics tools.
  • Why a tool’s ability to handle millions of records is the bare minimum today.

About the Presenter:

Rajiv Maskara is the Director of Qlik Data Integration at Qlik. Rajiv is an enthusiastic technology leader who speaks about data management in a business language. In addition to the information presented, the webinar allows you to ask further questions.


Rajiv Maskara, Director of Qlik Data Integration

Date & Time:

Wednesday 23, August 2023 | 3.00 PM IST