Transform Your Business with Customer 360 view


Digital interaction between customers and businesses have become increasingly prominent in the last few years. While a customer may speak to a single brand, there’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. The data that the brand receives is scattered across many areas of the business process, applications, databases, and repositories. In such a scenario, how can brands ensure that the information they provide to their customers meets their demands?

Join experts from Artha Solutions and Talend on this interactive webinar as they present world-class best practices in master data management. A perfect MDM along with a unified customer 360 view of an enterprise enables organizations with actionable insights. Find out how a multi-domain MDM helps you gain a competitive edge with the party model, empowering you to address customer, supplier and employee, as well as other domains such as products, locations, currency, etc.

Why Talend and Artha Solutions?

  • User-friendly MDM Solution that addresses multi-domain MDM
  • Modern, scalable, and secured architecture for effective data management
  • High quality data for customer engagement including omnichannel marketing
  • Joint project expertise with dozens of implementations of MDM projects across industry verticals.