Artha provides the powerful self-service and data visualizations capabilities for users to slice and dice the data to make informed decisions using, Qlikview business intelligence.

Artha Expertise span for QlikView services

Pre-Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Upgrade Services

Support Services

Workforce Enablement

Pre-Implementation Services:

  • Business requirements, Analysis, Defining KPI's, Metrics
  • Finalize Reports, Dashboards, Self-service reporting requirements
  • Provide overall solution architecture, hardware and software sizing

Implementation Services:

  • Install - Installation of Qlikview services
  • Deployment of Qlikview Server and Qlik Sense to provide quick and user friendly data visualization using QlikView's unique product capabilities
  • Reports and Dashboards - Define, design, develop and deploy reports and dashboards using the best standards. Develop charts, table components, using custom code to integrate with other third party charts and visualizations, enable self-service reporting capabilities for users
  • Enabling data visualization using data from multiple sources available on various platforms and mobile devices
  • Security - Implementation of security features to safeguard information access with respect to organization, role and multi-tenancy requirements

Upgrade Services:

  • Technical upgrade - Expert services to upgrade your existing QlikView services to the latest versions
  • Business Continuity - Process analysis to understand the impact of product upgrade, define critical path business use cases, perform end to end testing of use cases to ensure reduced risk of business disruption and smooth business continuity post upgrade

Support Services:

  • Post Implementation - Provide post implementation support on all the implementation engagements
  • Keeps the lights on - Provide cost effective ongoing support and maintenance to support all reporting requirements, reports scheduling, monitoring exceptions, continuous minor modifications to meet the ever changing data and business requirements. Provide continuous improvements to fine tune processes to ensure organizations focus on their business objectives, while we take care of keeping the lights on

Workforce Enablement:

  • Providing dedicated content based on Organizational needs and complexities
  • Hands on exercises designed based on Industry specific knowledge, Use cases
  • Custom solutions using customer specific use cases, Qlikview data and environments