Talend Studio Best Practices – Increase Studio Performance and Settings

Lets discuss about Talend Studio best practices, Issues/Fixes/Recommendation’s at studio level.

Increase Talend Studio memory :
Increase your Talend studio memory – Go to Talend Installed directory and change xms and xmx values based on your system memory. Ini file name should be Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.ini


If you are using Talend Cloud #TalendCloud #TalendReferenceProject
Setup Reference Project from Talend Studio – Feature is no more available in Talend TAC

Notice: Reference projects now managed in Studio. Read Release Notes how to migrate. If you want to remove reference – use DeleteProjectReference operation in MetaServlet.
Go to File -> Project Settings -> Click on Reference projects -> Added new reference -> Select project and add corresponding branch and click +.
Note : Don’t forget to click on + symbol.


How to Change GroupId in Talend studio

• The default Group Id in Talend studio is org.example.projectname
• You need to change to com.arthasolutions. Talend – To do these changes you need to go file -> project settings -> Build -> Deployment groupid

Publish Snapshot or Releases
In order to deploy a snapshot – Open Talend Studio – Open Talend Job
• Go to Job Tab and navigate to Deployment Tab -> Select the check box Use Snapshot

How to make sure your Talend studio pointing to right snapshot or releases ?

Go to Talend Studio -> window -> Perferences -> Talend -> Artifact Repository -> Repository Settings
• Now check your repository settings tab
• You should see all the repository settings pre-populated.
• Now in 7.2.1 All these settings come from TAC itself.
• If you ever want to change these default settings, you need to click on Use Customized Settings and type the following default release repo and default snapshot repo.

Install all Additional Packages – Talend studio


[ERROR] The code of method (Map<String,Object>) is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit

• In Talend 7.2.1, some Jobs may fail in code compilation with an error of “65535 byte code”. This may happen in some specific Job designs where the code generation is already at the 65 KB limit.
• You can prevent this error by the following parameter to the config.ini file located in the configuration folder under your Talend Studio installation directory:



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