Talend Improving on iPaas to Provide Better Data Quality

Talend is a data integration platform as a service (iPass) tool for companies that rely on cloud integration for their data.

Talend describes itself as a ‘lightweight, multi-tenant, and horizontally scalable architecture that is ideal for cloud integrations.’

Often compared with its close alternative ESB, iPass is more adaptable and agile in nature with smoother integration of new applications without deviating from the existing framework.

In August this year, Talend announced that they are adding full-cycle integration and governance tools to its existing data fabric.

This new edition is aimed at managing the hygiene and health of organizations’ and corporates’ information.

It was a celebratory launch for data professionals. The improved iPass involved:

  • high-performance integrations to cloud intelligence platforms,
  • self-service API portal,
  • collaborative data governance capabilities,
  • private connections between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure that ensure data security

With the Covid-19 pandemic transitioning our computer screens into office rooms, the world is more data-driven than it has ever been. One might assume that as a consequence of this gigantic shift, organizations must have adapted quickly with high-end data security and integration tools.

But according to the research by Talend itself, data-driven decisions are still challenging for over 78% of executives.

And what’s more nerve-wracking is that 60% of them do not trust the data that they work with.

A user had this to say about Talend iPass- “like this product’s capability to ensure that all data that integrates with our systems are of high quality. It performs excellently to make sure our decisions are based on clean data from authorized sources.”

If you are familiar with any iPass services, you would know that there are four major parameters to measure any integration platform as a service – scalability, application integration, data governance, and easy user access.


There are two types of scalability – vertical and horizontal. Vertical scalability refers to a platform’s adaptability towards advancements in the current computing system.

Horizontal scalability on the other hand refers to the flexibility of a platform to integrate applications and new components in the existing framework.

Talend iPaas is horizontally scalable, making it ideal for companies that already have a framework of traditional systems and want to integrate it with cloud applications.


Multi-tenancy is a feature that makes iPaas ideal for any workplace. Organizations have different sets of data from different departments and hence different sets of people and teams accessing the platform – marketing team, sales team, operations, and human resource teams, finance and accounts team, and many more.

A data integration platform must ideally have the bandwidth to accommodate multiple groups accessing the same data simultaneously.

Talend is one of the leading platforms when it comes to multi-tenancy.

Data Governance

In a loosely put and simplified manner, data governance is assuring that the organization adheres to the government’s data compliances and policies while getting access to high-quality data, metadata management, and data profiling.

Talend iPaas is one of its kind when to comes to unparalleled data governance services. This is because iPaas was designed for multi-app integration while accounting for schema and various other data modeling parameters.

Application Integration

If iPaas’ had personas, Talend would be known for its agility and adaptability. Since the service was made for the cloud, it goes without saying that Talent is exceptionally receptive to application integration and multi-tenant user index.

Apart from its deliverability, it is also exceptionally innovative. As the first provider of data integration and governance software to offer private connectivity between Talend and AWS or Azure instances, Talend has set a new industry standard. As part of Talend’s multi-factor authentication and single sign-on services, Talend provides an intuitive user login experience with no additional fees and meets industry standards.

Rachell Powell, senior application development manager at Ferguson Enterprise, said “Talend continues to innovate and provide us with data governance capabilities that aid our business users in operating with more autonomy. The ability to manage data in campaigns directly without IT intervention, while at the same time retaining the ability to collaborate with IT when needed, gives us the agility to speed when it matters the most”

Talend provides premium quality data while providing a seamless path towards efficient data management with advanced analytics. This makes it ideal as a data processing and data protection platform, making for not just quality and refined data but also a healthy and dependable data atmosphere. With extremely efficient data migration, documentation, and screening platform, Talend leaves no data requirements unadhered.

Let us wrap this up with another beautiful and wholesome review by a user that said:

“This powerful data transformation system has a great professional easy interface which allows simple component customization depending on user projects.

Talend Cloud Data Integration has an excellent data migrating speed and also data loading and is also an effective documentation platform.

The tool has a very simple deployment across different platforms and devices, easy debugging and the technical help from the team is amazing and helpful.”