How can we solve your business problem with data science?

We are an information science and analytics house delivering machine learning and AI-powered tools and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value. We help businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes, and be more cost-efficient.

Our architecture allows you to carry out superior analytical tasks on big volumes of data either on relational databases or big data environments and we don’t impose obstacles on you, instead, we work with whatever programming language you’re using. Regardless of whether a business is unsure precisely how to use the information and amplify ROI of being an information-driven business, Artha has the skills to lead a customer from venture origin to integration and deployment.

This is ensured by the usage of exclusive technologies, extraordinary client care, investment into talent development, and our own R&D focus.

Our BI and Analytics Services

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Machine learning

Machine Learning centers around the improvement of computer projects and calculations, which gives computers the capacity to learn and to discover concealed bits of knowledge without being expressly customized. Artha sees how best to use Machine Learning strategies to best take care of business issues. Also, it utilizes most recent Big Data innovations underneath everything.
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Deep learning

Deep learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that copies the learning approach that individuals use to increase specific sorts of information. With the appearance of Big Data advancements and the forces of Cloud, the forces of deep learning is inside the range of each venture.
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Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is increasing tremendously around the world. Man-made intelligence is changing every useful region. Simulated intelligence is hoisting dynamic exactness by making efficiencies, sparing expenses and conveying new answers for basic issues.

Why Artha?

We’re composed of a group of highly qualified data scientists and researchers (leadership team) with a demonstrated reputation of creating ROI for our customers. As a full-administration and specialized consulting firm, we apply an innovative work way to deal with the most ideal result for every issue and execute the vision at the most significant level. We look at every information source and designing solutions to decide whether something important, mechanized, or prescient can be made.

Delivering Results:

Quick deployed platform

60% efficient cost savings

20–50% faster time to market

Increase ROI in a short period

2x faster penetration

Artha's Technology Expertise


Case Study
Client behavior and performance through data science, machine learning, and AI
Case Study
Improving recommending system on R for better customer engagement
Case Study
Predicting patient visits for accurate inventory planning

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