Artha provides powerful Data quality and Visualization capabilities used to slice and dice data so that users can make informed decisions.

Pre-Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Upgrade Services

Post Implementation

Workforce Enablement

Pre-Implementation Services:

  • Business requirement gathering, analysis, and defining Pentaho Data Quality rules
  • Finalizing Pentaho data quality rules as per customer requirements
  • Defining KPI's, Metrics and finalizing reports, Dashboards, and self-service reporting requirements for customers
  • Providing overall Solution Architecture, Hardware and software solutions

Implementation Services:

  • Installation of Pentaho business intelligence Suite(DI,DQ and reporting server)

  • Pentaho Data Quality solutions enables you to trust and find your data – at all times. The integrated HI-quality software platform offers various kinds of data quality processes for all stages of the Data Quality Lifecycle bundled into one suite
  • Data cleansing, Migrating data and Integrating Applications.
  • Development of Pentaho business intelligence server to provide quick and user friendly data visualization using Pentaho services.
  • We provide:
    • Interactive visual analysis with drill through, filtering, geo-mapping, heat grids and scatter/bubble charts, and extreme scale in-memory data caching for speed-of-thought analysis of large data volumes.
    • Web-based drag and drop dashboard design including rich navigation, drill downs, a library of filter controls, and custom built dashboards. Portal and mash-up integration seamlessly connects business analytics with other applications.
    • We provide analytics security, content permissions, versioning, locking, world class reliability, backup and recovery. We also provide regular performance monitoring and auditing using built in reporting capabilities.

Upgrade Services:

  • Technical Upgrade - We provide services to upgrade your existing Pentaho services to the latest versions

Support Services:

  • Post Implementation - Provide post implementation support on all the implementation engagements
  • Keeps the lights on - Provide cost effective ongoing support and maintenance to assist all reporting requirements, reports scheduling, monitoring exceptions, business requirements, and continuous minor modifications to meet ever changing needs. Continuous improvements to fine tune processes is also provided to ensure organizations focus on their business objectives while we take care of keeping the lights on

Workforce Enablement:

  • Workforce enablement is achieved by providing dedicated content based on Organizational needs, and complexities
  • Hands on exercises designed based on Industry specific knowledge, and use cases
  • Custom solutions using customer specific use cases, data, and environments