Microsoft Azure


Partnership Description: 
Artha has deployed solutions on Azure cloud, using its products which provides complete platform as service capabilities

Partnership Expertise: 
Artha expertise includes development, deployment of solutions on cloud, migrating on- premise applications to Microsoft azure platform

Implementation Services includes services across Microsoft Azure platform components

Business applications deployment
Data Analytics, Stream Analytics, Event Hubs
Internet of Things
Biz Talk services, Service Bus
SQL databases, Data warehouses
Multi-factor authentication
Azure search
Virtual machines, Load Balancers, application gateway

Migration to Cloud: 
Define migration strategy, execution plan preparation
Migrate your current applications to Cloud

Support Services: 
Post Implementation - Post implementation support provided on all implementation engagements.
Keeps the lights on - Cost effective ongoing support and maintenance to support various AWS applications administered.
In general cloud platform provide the these services

PAAS (Platform As A Service)
IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service)
SAAS (Software As A Service)