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Mastering AI Success: The Imperative of Data Governance

The essence of AI lies in its capacity to learn and make predictions derived from data. The performance and accuracy of AI models are directly influenced by the quality and relevance of the data they operate on. Effectively harnessing the power of AI is contingent upon the strength of the foundational practices related to data strategy, management, and governance. 

Ensuring data quality extends beyond averting “garbage in, garbage out” outcomes. It involves comprehensively managing changes to pivotal data fuelling AI models. Data governance plays a vital role in certifying this data’s suitability, accuracy, and relevance. This ensures dependable and ethical AI results. 

In this webinar, you will discover how data governance plays a crucial role in AI success. You will learn about the  

  • The fundamental connection between robust Data Governance practices and the successful implementation of AI. 
  • Importance of data quality, relevance, and diversity in AI model performance  
  • It understands the role of Data Governance in mitigating risks and ensuring ethical use of data in AI applications. 
  • Case studies showcasing the influence of data governance on optimizing AI datasets. 
  • Strategies and best practices for integrating robust data governance into AI initiatives. 


Richard James FitzHarris, CHE. MBA, Director of Global Strategy, Artha Solutions

Date & Time:

January 31, 2024. 1.00 PM EST

Join us for an insightful webinar on ‘ Mastering AI Success: The Imperative of Data Governance.’ Learn how effective data governance shapes AI success. Mark your calendar and don’t miss this enlightening session!