MDM & Data Governance summit on October 5

7, 2014 in New York

Data-Fueled Healthcare Transformation with MDM & Data Governance

21st century healthcare providers must support an increasingly mobile, connected, collaborative and remote healthcare workforce. To improve patient experience and outcomes, healthcare organizations need to use both clinical and business data-driven intelligence to deliver care more efficiently, effectively and safely.

The Affordable Care Act, and its resultant emphasis on accountable care organizations, insurance exchanges, and patient outcomes, is transforming the way healthcare is procured and delivered in the United States. As the industry undergoes a major transformation from its historical B2B focus into the new reality of B2C focus, providers and payers are focused on data and analytics, on both the clinical and operational sides, as they seek to achieve stronger financial results and better patient outcomes. But the success of this transformation relies entirely on the underlying data standards, data governance and integration– there will be no success if the foundation isn’t built quickly and correctly. EMPI, ICD-10/11, NPI, RHIOs, UDI, and more such master data initiatives mandate strong and effective data governance.

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