A comprehensive Guide to Migrate your Talend applications on to Cloud

Talend Migration Journey: On-Premise to Cloud

Organizations have been using the on-premise ETL systems in the past to deliver data exchanges and deliver insights to business teams to make data driven intelligent decisions. With the growth of data over the years, organizations now need faster and agile methods to meet demands of ever growing data analysis, provide insights using data from both internal sources and external sources such as cloud applications, sensors, Internet of Things (IOT) streams etc. in different formats and volumes

Solution Highlights:

  • Talend Cloud follows the familiar three-step process, but changes the way the steps are completed
  • It delivers a single platform for data integration across public, private, and hybrid cloud, and on-premises and enables greater collaboration between IT and business teams
  • Talend Cloud jobs are developed, executed, and promoted to higher environments much faster vs its on-prem version

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