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Artha Intelligent Video Analytics

Artha Intelligent Video Analytics are Global leaders in advanced Intelligence Video Analytics Solutions. Affiliating with SenSen Networks to provide the world’s most versatile and accurate video and other sensor analytic solutions for various markets. We empower the businesses to increase the ROI on their surveillance networks, by offering Industry specific business intelligence enhancing security, safety and Asset protection.

Artha IVA - powered by SENSEN video analytics captures images in real time from CCTV and security cameras and combines this with data extracted from other sensors (GPS, Radar, POS etc.,) to provide complete yield optimization, safety, security and operational intelligence to its customers. It integrates complex algorithms that automatically track and classify objects under surveillance, capture events and alert both real-time and recorded videos with “Smart Search and on-demand business Intelligence reporting relevant activities and critical events”.

Riding on game-changing technological breakthroughs, Artha Intelligent Video Analytics solutions are able to deliver unprecedented accuracy in all customer operating environments, enabling rapid and cost-effective deployment and scale from single-camera to multiple-camera deployments.

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Video Analytics broadly refers to the mining of relevant information from digital video. It essentially deals with the video content. By extending the research in computer vision, pattern analysis and machine intelligence, video analytics is able to detect people, objects and their surroundings and incessantly analyse them.


Video Analytics has proved to be highly significant in the areas of surveillance, retail and transportation, security and with the promise of future developments in this arena. This significance is slated to increase even further. Smart City Solutions thru Video Analytics is the next big thing and Governments of various countries are investing heavily in Video Analytics solutions as part of their E-Governance solutions.

Digitization and IP networking are fast transforming the way video surveillance & monitoring is applied. Businesses are increasingly gravitating towards IP network video to improve the performance of their video surveillance & video enable their operations.


The amazing versatility of video analytics provides excellent Return on Investment for a wide range of applications including public security, vigilance, cost management, traffic management, emergency management etc. Further, retailers and customer-facing branch network operators are using insights from video analytics to optimize their Store operations and map customer behaviors better. The advent of video analytics has ensured that, most, if not all of video data can be more effectively scrutinized, leading to major improvements in round the clock video surveillance capabilities.

Most video analytic systems, work in a series of processing steps. As a fundamental first step, the content needs to dissect what is happening in the video, frame by frame. Video analytic systems work on these two key concepts:


Motion Detection: By examining each pixel in the frame, the video analytics software is able to pick up even the slightest movement.


Pattern Recognition: Objects are distinguished within a frame. Specific objects/patterns can be programmed for recognition and will be recognized within the frame.


Once analyzed, the system then qualifies these changes in each frame, correlates qualified changes over multiple frames, and finally, interprets these correlated changes. Should any change happen, i.e. object is moved, goes missing, or new object added, the software immediately recognizes it and sends out an alert.

Change is the only constant in today's world, to stay ahead, businesses must be capable of making instantaneous informed decisions. Artha IVA makes this possible with complete solutions for:

  1. Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  2. People and Vehicle Counting
  3. Motion Tracking
  4. Object left behind/ Removed
  5. Virtual Fence/ Perimeter Breach
  6. Loitering
  7. Vehicle Management
  8. Speed Enforcement for Road Authorities
  9. Bus Lane/ Parking Management / Enforcement
  10. Automatic Security Vigilance
  11. Red light violation detection and enforcement
  12. Emergency Management including notifications
  13. Alarm Alert Management
  14. Consumer Behavior Insights
  15. Toll collection Enforcement
  16. Traffic Management
  17. Tracking suspicious movements
  18. Access control and People count for Large Facilities

Our Solutions

Most Artha IVA open architecture provides solutions which perfectly integrate with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks.

Artha IVA provides excellent return on investment (ROI) as it finds applications in reduction of staff, travel and equipment, facilitating swift response to incidents, assists in shrewd information collection regarding customer flow, line lengths, product placement, suspicious movement, emergency management, tracking vehicles and a lot more required to run businesses smartly. We understand your requirements and effectively integrate analytics into your operations to ensure a win all output. Artha IVA offers versatile & comprehensive Video Analytics solutions for a broad range of Verticals including:

  1. Smart city
  2. Traffic Management
  3. Retail
  4. Educational Institutions/ Landmark and High Profile Area
  5. Energy/ Oil and Gas
  6. Government Facilities
  7. Financial Services
  8. Health Care Centers Pharmaceutical, R &D
  9. Public Transport, Travel & Hospitality
  10. Museums and National monuments
  11. Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) & Drive Ins
  12. Law Enforcement and much more.

1.Smart City:

Most A Retail Store Owner infringing onto the Footpath by extending his Store front beyond his actual store limits or even worse a Street vendor operating his business on the Pavement without proper authorization and thereby forcing the Pedestrians to walk on the streets. Parking the Vehicles in a No Parking zone is another big reason for Traffic Chaos in Major Metro Cities.

These problems can be addressed by enforcing the law, simply thru Video Analytics. Police officers do not have to leave the patrol vehicles for detection and processing infringements delivering unprecedented Operational Health and Safety benefits to them. The system captures the relevant images of Shops and vehicles that are violating the law, converts them into alpha-numeric strings, tags them with the time and GPS coordinates and logs them into the database as the user drives the vehicle around a parking lot or a road where the Restrictions have to be enforced.

2. Law Enforcement/ Police/ Military:

Most A Video Analytics has become the law’s best buddy. However, Video Analytics reviewing monitored video data is a tedious & time-consuming task. Automatic search and analysis of monitored video can change the way the law enforcement agencies review video surveillance, turning a mundane task into an automatic, swift and resourceful process. Quick, automated search results save hours of staff time and enable more effective gathering of relevant data. Solutions like Automatic License plate Recognition (ALPR) helps in identifying vehicles which were stolen, used in crimes or registered to people with warrants.

Continually tracks and classifies moving and stationary targets and features a full suite of rule-based filters including: enter, exit, appear, disappear, stopped objects, directionality constraints, object counting, loitering, object type and object speed. Multiple filters are supported on any combination of multiple overlapping detection zones.

Business Challenges
  • Increase Public Safety
  • Accelerate Emergency response
  • Reduce crime
Analytics Applications
  • Speed enforcement for Road authorities
  • Red light violation detection and enforcement
  • Toll collection enforcement
  • Parking Enforcement. Over stay parking
  • Heavy Vehicle detection and classification
  • Wrong Direction
  • Stopped Vehicle detection
  • Graffiti /Vandalism detection
  • Identify Heavy Pedestrian areas
  • Identify Loitering or Vandalism in Parks, streets and buildings
  • Monitor and manage queues at government service desks
  • Identify suspicious objects or stationary vehicles
  • Send Automatic email notification and snapshot to first responders
  • Filter through days of video in seconds with intelligent search
  • Continually tracks and classifies moving and stationary targets and features a full suite of rule-based filters including: enter, exit, appear, disappear, stopped objects, directionality constraints, object counting, loitering, object type and object speed. Multiple filters are supported on any combination of multiple overlapping detection zones
  • License Plate Recognition

3. Utilities, Engineering and construction – Enterprise and Industries

Most A The safety of customers, staff and assets is an essential part of the risk management in many environments for utilities, engineering and construction companies. Whether you want to protect a plant, offices, construction sites or any other indoor or outdoor environment, we can provide camera technology which helps you not only understand what happened, but also prevent damage or losses, thanks to built-in analytics features. With these analytic options, you receive alarm messages whenever unexpected images are detected, along with visual confirmation for greater intelligence. And you can do all of this on a single site, across multiple buildings or long distances, coordinating countermeasures through your control room.

Business Challenges
  • Improve quality control
  • Reduce theft
  • Ensure process compliance
Analytics Applications
  • Identify irregular activities on the production line
  • Be alerted to construction site break-in during off hours
  • Be alerted to loitering in specific areas
  • Receive alerts if equipment is removed during off hours
  • Identify suspicious vehicles or parcels


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