Artha provides the powerful Microstrategy services, Jasper reporting and visualizations capabilities for the business users for analytical decision making.

Artha Expertise span for Microstrategy services

Pre-Implementation service

Implementation Services

Upgrade Services

Support Services

Workforce Enablement

Pre-Implementation services:

  • Business or user requirements, Analysis, Defining KPI's, Metrics.
  • Provide Solution Architecture, Hardware and software sizing.
  • Metric definitions, usage, interaction, and calculations.
  • Identify and define dimensions, attributes by the Product, Location, and Time, as well as their sources and update frequency.
  • Define Hierarchies and identify the relationship of the required Attributes that drive.
  • Finalize Reports, Dashboards, Self service reports , scheduling and distribution of reports through narrowcasting.
  • Alerts, Security Access and Viewing.

Implementation Services:

  • Installation and Configuration of Server and its components to use, based on reporting needs, number of users, and other requirements.
  • Reports and Dashboards - Define, design, develop and deploy reports and dashboards using standard Widgets.
  • Develop data visualization using data from multiple sources and available on various Microstrategy services and mobile devices.
  • Security - Implementation of security features to safeguard the information access based on department, role based and multi-tenancy requirements.
  • Application Integration with data sources, portals, single sign-on systems, or other third-party products.
  • Customization functionality to add new functionality to existing capabilities.
  • Conversion of existing Business Intelligence system technology platform to new Microstrategy business intelligence system.
  • Cloud Intelligence - Develop, implement, and manage on Cloud.

Upgrade Services:

  • Provide end to end upgrades and enhancements
  • Third party DB, Microstrategy ETL integration, Web Reporting and Mobile solutions
  • Technical upgrade - Upgrade from existing version to the latest versions.
  • Process analysis to the impact of upgrade, perform end to end testing to reduce risk of business disruption and smooth business continuity by using MSTR tools (ex. Integrity Manager and Enterprise Manager).

Support Services

  • Post Implementation - Provide post implementation support for all the Microstrategy business intelligence implementation engagements
  • Priority management, processing, monitoring, incident prevention and resolution of all your technical support cases.
  • Environment Management, Enhancements, Customizations, Tickets Resolution.
  • Onsite - Offshore Blended Support Model.
  • Keeps the lights on - Provide cost-effective ongoing support and maintenance, reports scheduling, and modifications for business requirements.
  • Provide continuous improvements to fine tune processes ensuring organizations focus on their business objectives.

Workforce Enablement

  • Workforce enablement by providing dedicated content based on Organizational needs and complexities.
  • Accessibility of information and procedures on demand of workflow decision support systems.
  • Automation and system data integrity and reliability.
  • Training design and documents based on Industry specific knowledge, Use cases.
  • Custom solutions using customer specific use cases, data and environments.
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