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data warehouse

Artha delivers a complete suite of data warehouse solutions starting from data analysis, developing, integrating, implementing, maintaining and upgrading with advanced methodologies and customized data warehouse solutions for the business.

Artha assists businesses with intelligent analysis and decision making. Artha does this by extracting critical information, be it identifying trends in Customer Behavior, Employee Productivity, Customer Retention metrics etc, from raw data and providing this to the business community in the required format.

Artha's Data Warehouse Consulting competency encompasses the full-solution delivery model that includes:

DW Analysis & Planning

DW Integration & Implementation

DW Support Services

DW Analysis & Planning

  • Assessment by leveraging DW process and methodology, with a clear view of the current state of infrastructure and processes. Provide a detailed roadmap for solution and implementation.
  • Use proven methodologies and best practices when designing data warehouse solutions.
  • Develop DW high level business and technical requirements before embarking on actual project or implementation
  • Detailed analysis of project needs, data modeling and design, building a governance strategy and data profiling.
  • Plan system purpose for strategic data analysis and performance
  • Plan for data integration, balancing, historical data gathering, etc. for reporting requirements.

DW Integration & Implementation:

  • Develop a technical road map to implant DW solutions.
  • Data Conversion/Transformation, Develop extraction, conversion, transformation and loading by developing a technical solution.
  • Data Integration to integrate data from various sources or upgrade to sync the latest version with business requirements.
  • ETL & EAI Development, Data Quality Management, Customization and Upgrades.
  • Data Cleansing, data profiling to cleanse data and standardize the data in the Data Warehouse.

DW Support Services

  • Provide support services at all stages of DW development cycle.
  • Provide support at all level (ex. development, security, etc.) to reduce cost for maintenance and implementations.
  • Provide scalability of services to help with the activities that surround data warehouse (DW) like Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services.
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